Sreelakshmi Prasad – FAST Zonemoda Team

I am Sreelakshmi Prasad, a dreamer and more importantly a doer. I am currently a student pursuing my second year in the Fashion Studies Masters, in the Strategic Management of Fashion curriculum.

What brought me to Italy, and more specifically to the Fashion Studies master’s at the University of Bologna is firstly, my keen passion for the field of arts and fashion from an incredibly young age, and secondly, the realization that the only way to truly unlock one’s whole potential is by honing one’s skills while pursuing one’s passion . Therefore, after completing my Bachelors in Visual Communication, and working for the brand Diesel for one year, and as a copywriter and content writer in an advertising agency for two years in my home country – India, I finally decided to steer my career path in the direction that I truly aspired for. The University of Bologna’s Fashion Studies was the only course that offered the expansive insight into the various aspects of the fashion world that I was seeking, and yet gave me the option to choose an area of specialization based on interest, making it my obvious choice!

In a bid to expand my horizon in the field of fashion after arriving in Italy, I was on a hunt for a suitable opportunity at the University, and that is when I encountered Zone Moda. I consider it as important medium of the Fashion Department of the University. Zone Moda isn’t just any other online university platform which provides information about the course but is an extension of the fashion courses providing insights into the fashion field, providing students an opportunity to engage in interesting seminars and activities that truly make the university experience a wholesome one. Being an active member of the Social Media Team of Zone Moda helps one stay updated about the latest and most relevant activities in the University, which often is organized in tune with the current conversations in the world of fashion, making it a valuable experience for any fashion student!

I am currently on a journey to uncover my full potential; hence I currently spend my time travelling, engaging in experiences and reading about matters of the world, fashion, art and fiction. As Albert Einstein once said, wisdom is not a product of schooling, but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.