Ardena Ahmadi – FAST Zonemoda Team

I introduce myself by referring to Norman Vincent’s book;


This topic always keeps the path of my life bright and vibrant like an alarm lamp, I have never liked a monotonous life and I am usually dynamic and adventurous. I would describe my character in the following lines, strong-willed, Optimistic, highly motivated, and communicative. It may be interesting how these characteristics have led me to Fashion studies. I want to go back further when I began my academic education. Holding a bachelor’s degree in English Language Translation, I worked as a translator for many companies, and most of the time I translated various articles on quality of life and aesthetics for cosmetic and skincare companies because I am fascinated by the beauty, emotional and physical well-being and curious that how can improve the quality of life and how to be chic without spending too much money. I searched a lot and participated in several aesthetic private courses in my country, Iran.

At the time, I was very interested in translating cultural and artistic articles because I am enthusiastic about communication and thirsty for floating in the different cultures, traditions, and customs of different nations, since adventure is a part of my personality, I tried to expand my language communicative tools and started studying Linguistics in master degree in Iran also learned French.

Finally Progressing in the fashion path reached its peak when I met my husband and this passion was uncontrollable. He is a producer and distributor of Iranian famous leather products and due to his job, I translated different fashion journals from european countries, which are the cradle of fashion in the world especially Italy and France, in many trips to foreign countries, I visited various famous brands like Bottega Veneta, Prada, and Valentino and also my husband supported me to launch my online shop in Iran, it’s called Ladybug and made the dream to reality, which produces leather women’s shoes and bags. So I am still in charge of financing and marketing. My career had entered a more serious stage and I needed supplementary and related academic education. Above all, I decided to move to Italy, I improved my Italian and applied to study fashion at the University of Bologna, which had become my dream, I spent the first year without any background in art or design, without any fear, although Sometimes I felt weak, my goals never faded and my passion for learning was endless. According to my business, I choose Strategy in the fashion management curriculum. Learned financing, and marketing that is my interests, and fashion start-up it was an amazing course. After graduating and achieving functional experiences, I will come back to Iran and promote my business, on large scale and introduce it to the world with extraordinary fashion products taken from original and traditional designs and symbols with remarkable and innovative approaches. It’s been almost a year since I joined Zone Moda Group, and my interest in teamwork as well as my connection with the art world has increased my desire to work with this remarkable team. They support their members wonderfully. I am aware that art and Fashion connect people with a common vision and bring joy through harmony so I strongly believe that Zone Moda is the home of Cultural and Fashion Studies for students. Zone Moda claimed that:

“The objective is to create a useful tool to frame the phenomena linked to fashion within a framework of broad reflection that refers to several areas of culture and research.”

I learned how to think artistically and increase my fashion knowledge, and in the social media section especially on Facebook, I am in charge of sharing valuable artistic content, courses, and internship opportunities, the most interesting part is publishing guest webinars that we should organize their meeting with students and the other enthusiasts. This is one of my amazing chances to be in Zone Moda and I hope to cooperate more with them and be superior.

According to the Chinese philosopher, Lau Tzu:

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step and a map”

Choose your passion carefully and follow your map precisel