Juliane Costanzi – FAST Zonemoda Team

My name is Juliane. I have been fascinated with fashion and communication since I was a Kid. By thirteen years old I decided to create a blog to share contents, motivated to expand my vision and acknowledgement I took a course of industrial confection which made me learn how to sew at fourteen. I continue to grow my passion by graduating from the Universidade Estadual de Maringá (UEM) with a bachelor degree in Fashion: qualification in pattern and product development and working as a social media in a multinational company.
Fashion to me is an art of expression and transformation of the world, for that reason I have a purpose to present a beautiful, poetic and meaningful way, without ignoring critical thinking, therefore I consider sustainability essential. Ambitious to deliver awareness, I took action towards my habits and research that is a result of my article published in Fashion Revolution ‘Minimalism Lifestyle – redefinition of consumption’.
I decided to participate in Zonemoda to explore more about the possibilities fashion can bring. The connection between students and university inspires me to improve, share my skills and make a difference.