Hanieh Atari – FAST Zonemoda Team

My name is Hanieh Atari and If I want to describe myself as a fashion activist I have to say I am inspired, innovative, and enthusiastic.
Talking about my background in fashion I have to say one of my biggest inspiration has been always my mother who is an amazing dress maker and has launched her own dress making institiut in my country, in fact I grew up in an area where I was always involved with fabrics, patterns and sewing stuffs.
That’s why During my academic career which I studied architecture , I was always trying to find a way to link myself in fashion that’s why I gained different skills like; embroidery, dress making, making jewellery, fabric painting and sketching.

It is worth mentioning that while I was studying , also working as an entrepreneur fashion designer. I had always the passion in designing and styling which leaded me in different fields of fashion as I mentioned before. During working as an entrepreneur I was always inspired by the history/ culture and design of the historical places in my city, it is noteworthy that I was born in a city which called “the half of the world” because of its rich narrative in architecture hence in my designs you can always find a hint connected in architecture.

Moreover one of my favourite fashion designers is “CoCo Chanel” with her amazing simplicity, elegance and comfort designs. As she said ““Fashion is architecture: it is a matter of proportions.” Which I truly believe it.

For me fashion is beyond designing and just clothes it is something like the way of living and and handing it to others, there they can feel it.
I chose to participate in ZoneModa for a variety of reasons, including my desire to become more involved in university life and activities as well as my desire to help others who are interested in the fashion industry. As a member of ZoneModa, it is my responsibility to actively post about university-sponsored events and activities on social media, such as workshops, special lectures, and fashion shows. I consequently handle anything relating to the link and communication between student initiatives and university activities along with my coworkers.