Collection Design Course – Professor Tom Rebl a.a.2021- 2022

Teaching tutor Giulia Caffaro

Second cycle degree (LM) in Fashion Studies

From April 28, 2022 to May 20, 2022

Palazzo Ruffi Briolini, Rimini

The Collection Design course investigates the avant-garde fashion world from the inside exploring the amazing work of TOM REBL. The worldwide German stylist will explain to the students enrolled in the Two Year Master in Fashion Studies the process of creation of an avant-garde fashion collection from the designer‘s perspective.

With a method based on theoretical lectures, analysis of case studies, item demonstrations, workshop and discussion of student projects, the course is structured in four didactic modules that will lead students from exploring the TOM REBL fashion “multiverse” to creating their own communication and design project.

Course structure

1) Introduction & Project Outline

April 28 – The fundamentals of TOM REBL: Avantgarde Fashion

April 29 Brand analysis: 10 attributes, which define the brand TOM REBL

2) Contemporary Fashion & Activism

May 5 – Creating & defining a brand image

May 6Item demonstration and definition of work groups

3) Constructing & Deconstructing Fashion

May 12 – How to develop a fashion collection from sketchbook to catwalk

May 13Brainstorming and workshop in the classroom

4) Fashion & Sustainability

May 19 – The designer’s social responsibility and values

May 20Presentation and discussion of the student´s group projects

5) Final exam & Presentation of Group Projects

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Course Website: Collection Design 2021/2022 — University of Bologna