Musicology and Popular Music – Luca Cerchiari

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Musicology and Popular Music

special lecture with

Prof. Luca Cerchiari

(IULM University – Milano)

Popular music studies are relatively recent, since the subject matter, in historical terms, was supposed to go back to the early Fifties and the birth of rock and roll and, almost parallel to the appearance on 33 and 45 rpm records. But musicology has recently modified, even radically, this concept, broadening both the geographical and the historical answer to the basic question,  “what is popular music?” This question arose in the Eighties, at the beginning of a musicological perspective on the genre. Nowadays the term popular music identifies, in one way, a genre related to the industrial revolution era, to the demographic growth of european and american societies and to the development of the new media system. In another way, it implies a more strict musical definition, which relates the genre to worldwide ethnic sources, to popular dances of the nineteenth and early twentieth century (e.g. waltz, tango, samba), to the urban popular song (cafè-chantant, cabaret) and to popular entertainment shows like the minstrelsy and the vaudeville. In a general musicological perspective, popular music may (and must) also be related, finally, to “classical” music, at least in semiographic, harmonic, melodic and formal terms.

Friday, April 8th 2022 – 3.00 – 5.00 pm

room Briolini 1 – Palazzo Briolini – Corso d’Augusto 237 – RIMINI


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Photo by Joe Mabel