Chinese Yunjian – Cloud falling on the shoulder

In 1997, a grand fashion show was held at the Guimet Museum in France,John Galliano,the chief designer of DIOR, was inspired by Shanghai in 1930, and combined traditional Chinese brocade, buckles, and other elements,outlining the mysterious charm that belongs to the East alone, Yunjian is also recognized by the world with this successful show.

  Yunjian is a unique shawl that belongs only to China. It originated in the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period and is closely related to Buddhist culture.Originally just used to protect the cleanliness of the neckline and shoulders, it later evolved into an ornament.The classic cloud Yunjian is composed of four colorful brocades, with two upper and lower layers, with different designs and different styles.The edges are inlaid with ribbons and lace, and the embroidery pattern is mainly based on flowers, which also symbolized the beauty of women at that time.

  Because of its complex craftsmanship and positive meaning, Yunjian has gradually become a popular dress for the upper aristocracy.In the Yuan Dynasty, Yunjian became part of the dress and was used in formal occasions.Women in the Qing Dynasty wore cloud shoulders to express their respect for marriage when they got married.

  Although many traditional crafts have declined, Yunjian is still active in public.In 2021, Chinese actress Bai Lu wore Yunjian in Harper’s Bazaar’s magazine, combining traditional Chinese clothing with minimalist modernism, which was a fashion belonging to China.In Zhengzhou, China, the Yunjian design competition is still held, and many excellent works were born.The traditional Yunjian integrates the current popular elements, which is the collision between the past and the future, and also the continuation of beauty.