Bando di concorso per n. 2 Premi di studio
rivolto a studenti dei Corsi di Laurea in “Culture e Pratiche della Moda” e in “Fashion
Studies” del Dipartimento di Scienze per la Qualità della Vita attivi presso il Campus di Rimini
dell’Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna
ART. 1 – Rotary Club Rimini – Italia (Membro del Rotary International)

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Bando Rotary premio di studio Bonfiglioli


domanda di partecipazione


Study award “Barbara Bonifogli”

Deadline to apply: 31 January 2020

Call for applications for no. 2 Study Awards

For students from degrees in “Culture e Pratiche della Moda” and “Fashion Studies” from the Department of Life Quality Studies at Rimini Campus by Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna

Art.1 -Rotary Club Rimini- Italy (Member of the Rotary International) – District 2072 located at the Grand Hotel Parco Federico Fellini – 47921Rimini (RN), C.F. 82015210402 introduced two study awards in memory of Dr. Barbara Bonfiglioli. These study awards are addressed to students enrolled in the academic year 2019/2020 at the first cycle degree “Culture e Pratiche della moda” or second cycle degree of Fashion Studies( or as previously called the same degree programmes) of the Department of life quality studies located in Alma Mater Studiorum- university of Bologna, Rimini Campus. The total amount is of 2.500,00 euros (two thousand five hundred/00) before taxes, as better explained in the art. 6 of this call for application, for a project regarding one of the topics explained in the following article.

Art.2 – The topic regarding the study award, defined by the Rotary Club Rimini, the coordinators of both cycle degrees and Uni. Rimini spa should be on Postcard from Rimini in the Future”.

The student should design and create The Postcard form Rimini in the future”.

Analyzing the city, paths, culture, history and fashion of Rimini, the student has to realize a personal A3 graphic work that could be used as new postcard from Rimini.

ART. 3 The ‘Call for applications’ is open to students enrolled in the Bachelor’s Degree Programme “Fashion Practices and Cultures” and in the Second Cycle Degree Programme “Fashion Studies”, Department for Life Quality Studies (Rimini) that are actively located in the Rimini Campus of Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna who will submit the application form (described in art.10 of the call for applications) within the expiring date (31/01/2020).

ART.4 The prize will be awarded through private contest and motivational interview at the sole discretion of the Evaluation Board.

ART. 5 The deadlines for the Call for Applications are:

– closing date 31/01/2020  12 AM (as specified in art.10 of this call);

– publication of the elegible candidates ranking 20/02/2020;

– work project submission within 20/03/2020 (addresses as specified in art.10 of this call);

– evalutation Board meeting within 31/03/2020;

  • communication to applicants and award ceremony on the occasion of a future event (date is still under discussion but it will approximately be in April 2020)

ART. 6 – The amount of the awards will be:

– 1° award Euro 1.500,00 (euro one thousand fifty hundred/00) – Barbara Bonfiglioli Award;

– 2° award Euro 1.000,00 (euro one thousand/00) – Critics Award;

Amount subjected to the fiscal tax to be paid by the recipient of the award, will be entirely funded and deposited by Rimini’s Rotary Club in a single instalment during the Official Award Ceremony.

 ART. 7 – The Study Awards will be assigned under the patronage of the Department for Life Quality Studies of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, which will identify one or more professors to participate in the Evaluation Board, as per the following article.


ART. 8 – The Evaluation Board will be composed of one or two delegates for each of the following legal entities in addition to an external member:

– Department for Life Quality Studies of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna;

– Rotary Club Rimini;

– Uni.Rimini s.p.a. Consortium Society for the University in the Rimini area.


ART. 9 – Requirements and score:


Essential requirements to participate in the call:

– Students who, at the deadline of the announcement (31/01/2020), are enrolled in the First cycle Degree in “Fashion Cultures and Practices” or in the Master’s Degree in “Fashion Studies” of the Department for Life Quality Studies active at the Rimini Campus of the Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna in the academic year 2019/2020 can partecipate;


Criteria that can be considered for the ranking are:

– Greater relevance of the project to the topic indicated (art. 2 of this notice);

ART. 10– The Secretariat of the Call for Applications is established at the Rotary Club Rimini with headquarters at the Grand Hotel of Rimini Federico Fellini Park – 47921 Rimini (RN) – (Secretariat Ing. Fabio Masini – mobile: +39 3355417051; mail: secretary The application to participate in the competition (All.1 – Form A) must be sent on plain paper, addressed to the Secretariat of the Rotary Club Rimini by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt or by email to the addresses indicated above, no later than 12.00 of the date of expiry of this notice (31/01/2020). In the case of shipment, the time and the date of receipt shall be used. Applications delivered or received after the specified deadline will not be taken into account.


In the application (All.1 – Form A), each candidate must indicate, on his own responsibility:

1) Surname and name, date and place of birth, residence and nationality;
2) Degree course attended at the Rimini Campus of Alma Mater studiorum – University of Bologna;
3) Address at which you wish all notices relating to the competition to be delivered, email address and telephone number.


The personal data collected will be processed in accordance with the principles and provisions of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 and the new provisions of EU Regulation 2016/679 on the Protection of Personal Data (GDPR)as regards the protection of confidentiality and in any case only for the purposes of the management of the competitive tender.

The data will be processed both by computer systems and in manual form by paper means. The surrender of the data required is a mandatory condition for the management of the competitive tender.


The following documents shall be attached to the application for participation (A form duly signed 1):

– Self-certification of enrolment in a Degree Course (referred to in art. 9 of this notice) at the Campus of Rimini of Alma Mater studiorum – University of Bologna;

– photocopy of a valid identity document

– photocopy of the tax code.


ART.11 – The Examining Board will meet within the deadline specified in art.5 of this Call to define rankings for the assignment of the prizes and it will share to the following representatives the meeting memorandum and report from which the winners and the merit ranking will be known:

-Head of “Life Quality Studies” Department;

-Coordinator of the Bachelor Degree in “Culture e Pratiche della Moda” of Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna;

-Coordinator of the Master Degree in “Fashion Studies” of Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna;

-President of Rotary Rimini;

-President of Uni.Rimini s.p.a..

The final communication about the winners, wrote and signed by the Examining Board, will be published on the Rotary Club Rimini website within twenty days from the awarding day event (dates still to be defined, but approximately in April 2020), and will be available among the records in Rotary Club Rimini’s administrative office.

ART. 12 – In case of renunciation / withdrawal by the winner or exclusion due to lack of the requisites / non-compliance with the procedure, at the Evaluation Board’s sole discretion, the prize will be made available to the eligible competitor according to the order of the merit ranking.

ART.13 – Taking advantage of the Prize does not imply a work relationship. The Prizes do not give rise to social security treatments, nore to assessments about law or economic history, nor to automatic acknowledgements for social security.

ART.14 – Under Art.13 D. Lgs. 30/06/2003 n. 196 and subsequent changes and integrations and under the UE 2016/679 Regulation new arrangements on personal data protection (GDPR), personal data given by candidates in the participation forms will be used for awarding procedure purposes and subsequent procedures. Moreover, the winners’ names can be shared in whichever way the publicity supervisors think best to advertise and support the Courses activities belonging to Alma Mater Studiorum – University di Bologna, Rimini Campus.


Rimini, 14/11/2019




Dott. Alessandro Andreini

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