The Voices of Bob Dylan

The Voices of Bob Dylan

FAST –| second Cycle Degree in Fashion Studies

| Pop Culture Theory | Stefano Marino

The Voices of Bob Dylan

special lecture with

Prof. Alessandro Carrera

(University of Houston)

Bob Dylan’s artistic medium is song. Although he experimented with other forms of expression – cinema, painting, literature – the revolution that he started in the art of songwriting has made his name known in the whole world. His courage in always undertaking new stylistic choices has made him always relevant throughout his long career that began in 1961 and is still in progress. His voice – his voices because he had many – was not only the medium of his art reach, but often its deepest content. In this lecture, the various phases of his artistic evolution will be examined starting from the parallel transformations of his verses, his music, and his voices.

Friday, March 25th 2022 – 3.00 – 5.00 pm

room Briolini 4 – Palazzo Briolini – Corso d’Augusto 237 – RIMINI


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Photograph by Xavier Badosa – Flickr