Cultures, Fashion and Society

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A new series of books named “Culture, moda e società” (“Cultures, Fashion and Society”), is now available thanks to an agreement between the University of Bologna/Dipartimento di Scienze per la qualità della vita and Publisher Pearson Bruno Mondadori.

This  project carrying the “ZoneModa team” tag has been developed by professors and collaborators who have been working for several years on the Fashion Culture Degree Courses which are held at the Rimini Campus.

The book series, scheduled for publication of two monographs per year starting from 2014, will be evaluated with double blind peer-review system (the essays to be published will be reviewed anonymously by at least two referees selected  according to their specific expertise).

The scientific book series entitled “Cultures, Fashion and Society ” will devote particular attention to the phenomena connected with the fashion system and proposes to become the benchmark for scientific reflections and Italian research focused on the scene of  cultural studies. Such system is seen as a device that allows different approaches, involves multiple knowledge and crosses large and diversified fields of interest.The collection aims at giving shape and identity to a complex, varied and inter-disciplinary field of analysis that is already present on the national territory as well as giving space to this first Italian edition of international publications.

The new book series is not only addressed to fashion scholars but also to people who are interested in new forms of reflection involving the study of fashion and its social mass phenomena. It will be a tool of analysis of modernity using languages and intertwined knowledge ranging from contemporary art to social history, from cinema to photography, from visual culture to design, from graphic design to advertising, from social media to literature, from aesthetics to research on costume and trends, as well as reflections on the dynamics of creativity and features of shopping tourism.

It includes a wide range of liberal arts and socio-economic studies that allow us to watch contemporary society, its phenomena, trends, perspectives from an interdependent point of view.


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